Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate already?!

I’ve got mixed feelings towards the recent announcement of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate. I welcome it in a way as there will be even more characters available and more stages to play on. The two new characters in DoA5 – Rig and Mila, weren’t fun to play so I was a bit disappointed, hopefully the new characters will be fun to play.

It’s also bad news for me because it wasn’t that long ago when I bought DoA5 – the collectors edition at that! So spending another £40-60 on a game that adds very little is out of the question.

Having said that I did purchase BlazBlue Continuum Shift II: Extend at full price and even pre ordered the collectors edition. I did so because BBCSIIEX was pretty much a new game with lots of additional content – Abyss mode, changes to character’s movesets and more to story mode. So if I was to consider getting DoA5U, it would need to be pretty much a new game for the purchase to be justified.


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