Project: Interface

It was a colleague of mine who suggested I use a joystick for fighting games. Having used a joypad for most of my gaming life I quickly dismissed that thought. At the time, I was playing Street Fighter 4 online a lot (I mean, A LOT). I noticed that I can pull off moves but some motions were more challenging than others – especially Cammy’s TKD Cannon Strike. There was also the combo challenges of SF4 were my thumbs were just not fast enough to input the required combinations. So the thought of purchasing a joystick grew on me.

I finally gave in to the temptation and bought the MadCatz Standard Edition Fightstick:


It took a while to adapt and I even had to replace some of the buttons after being too harsh on them… 🙂

Anyway, I’ve always wanted to customise my Fightstick but I’ve never been able to find out where to find hi-res gaming artwork and secondly, where to get it printed (in the UK). This has put me off modifying my fightstick beyond the necessary parts replacements. So recently I’ve found a place where they will print my artwork onto a lami-label (durable sticker!). Today, I’ve received my artwork in the post and I’m very happy with it. I’m also going to be install an octo-gate this time round.

The assembling of my new Fightstick will begin tomorrow. Project Interface, will begin tomorrow.

(If you’re from Kendo and you’re reading this – NO I didn’t skip classes to do this! I’m ill with a combination of working overtime.)


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