Project: Interface – “BETA” testing

It wasn’t all smooth sailing as when I plugged in my joystick it didn’t register me pressing “down” (as in the direction – 2). I was confused and frustrated at the same time. Did I accidentally blow something? Was the part I bought faulty?

I immediately began my investigations by opening the case again. The cables are connected to the right place. Nothing seems to be loose. I resorted to installing my old joystick back in just to rule out I bought a faulty part. This didn’t work also so it was my fightstick!!! Oh no!!! What did I break?!! I sat down thought about the whole process and whether I had done anything which could have damaged the internal parts. I couldn’t come up with anything. Instead, I noticed a small difference between the connectors or the factory part and the sanwa part. The factory part has a bit that sticks out holding the connector in place. So I checked that the connector was loose nor the wrong way around. The thing that stuck me was that the cables connecting to the front panels were pushing up from beneath the cables connecting the joystick. So I diverted the joystick cable underneath these and my stick was working again!!! Didn’t know something like that could affect it. So I was finally ready to start playing some games!

Sanwa octo gate
Sanwa octo gate

So I fired up Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown and went straight into the tutorial. What better way to test the new parts than going through basic movements? To be honest, the new octo gate didn’t feel that different to a square gate. But it did feel more… free? How should I explain this? For example, doing 236 on a square gate, I go 2 to 3 hit the edge then go up to 6. Whereas octo I just do 236 in free motion. Feels smoother and more spacious… Not sure if I explained that well. 😀 After that I went into Jean Kujo’s command training to get a better feel of executing commands. It was pretty much the same but I found difficulty getting 9K+G down. Likewise, sometimes I’m missing 46K+G. I think my inputs aren’t clean enough yet. After a while I go into Ranked matches. The stick does feel different and a little bit free-er and it does get some getting used to. That was it for the first night of my tests.

I also came across this guy during my tests – GiAnT BangZz. He dared to rage quit during my tests!!! What a villain!!! He shall go up on the wall of shame for rage quiting!