The number roll!!

I’ve played so much Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown lately that I’ve neglected to finish Ninja Gaiden 3: Razors Edge and jumped onto Remember Me. But it also means that I’ve shot passed a few VF5FS progression post opportunities. So I’ll combine everything (about my progression) onto the one post.

The numbers

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown 1984 matches
Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown 1984 match
Main character: Jean Kujo
Battle Points: 6,560pts (+1,363pts)
Grade: Barbarian (–1)
Games: 2,410
– Wins: 1,100
– Losses: 1,310
– Ratio: 45.643% (-1.357%)

On my road to progression, I’ve managed to hit my 1,984th online ranking match. The only significance (if you can call it that) is it’s the same as my birth year. I’ve also got my 2,000th and 2,013th (this year) matches in a short space of time. I was on a number roll! I think the sale on Xbox Live really helped bring in more newcomers to the game, whether they will stick around is another issue. I’ve also had more chances to play against some really good players to. I’m slowly but surely crawling towards that first ever win against them. It’s challenging, but it’s fun trying to work out what they’re doing so well against me.

Have I improved?

I’d like to think yes. Albeit a little bit I do think I’ve improved. I’m doing more throw escapes which is something I’ve intended to work on. I’ve also been doing fuzzy guarding (rare occassion) – although I should increase the number of times I do this. Another technique which has crept into my play style is evade cancel into fuzzy. I think this is due to getting hit by a follow-up attack after a successful evade.


What needs to be improved on?

Easy Throw Escaping is still high up there on my list. I’m getting thrown too easily – that’s 50-70pts of damage which can be avoided just by holding onto the P button as well as a direction. Fuzzy guarding is a useful technique to use, but I don’t think this is as high priority to something else. Dealing with evasive players. Too often I’m retaliating with a linear attack only to find my opponent has decided to evade. I’m going to need to mix up throws with circular attacks or even delay tracking attacks a bit. I still need to start incorporating Jean’s guard breaking strike into my play – just because it looks so cool. haha


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