2,500 matches later…

Virtua Fighter 5 - Final Showdown 2,500 matches
Virtua Fighter 5 – Final Showdown 2,500 matches

Half way to 5,000 matches and a quarter to 10,000. I’ll keep this post brief as there’s not a huge number of matches since my last update.

The numbers

VF5FS_2500_matches_statMain character: Jean Kujo
Battle Points: 6,810pts (+250pts)
Grade: Defender(+1)
Games: 2,500
– Wins: 1,141
– Losses: 1,359
– Ratio: 45.64% (-0.003%)
Opponent: hAd 06 (SA)

My opponent didn’t cause much problem for me. I wanted it to be a good match to write about but there wasn’t anyone online and he/she was the only player there. So I accepted the challenge and went on to win the match. I guess when playing against someone who isn’t as familiar with the game as yourself you do things which you normally don’t – such as punishing with launchers even though your advantage is very small. I’ve thought about why and there’s mainly 3 reasons I can think of. Number one, they don’t know that it’s their turn to guard and they continue to attack. If it was an attack like a jab, they might get a counter hit off it. But people usually go for the flashy damaging attacks which has more start-up frames so they end up eating a counter. The second reason is the lack of evading. Although with Jean’s knee launcher is -15 frames on guard, the unfamiliarity of the attack creates hesitation to retaliate. 15 frames is a quarter of a second in VF and that can pass very quickly if you’re not buffering inputs. The third reason is the lack of guarding. It’s true. I see it all the time (I also have this bad habit), people just standing there without holding the guard button down. I hope it didn’t feel like I was bullying him though. With a bit more knowledge, I’m sure they will do very well.


What’s next?

Next update should be when I’ve accumulated 7,000 battle points, 2,000 wins or 5,000 matches. Hopefully I’ll have improved even more by then. Maybe I’ll have a couple more costumes by then too!

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