Ba Ji Quan training… in the virtual world of course!

Training in Ba Ji Quan via the innocent Geisha: Kokoro from the Dead or Alive series. I tried to play as Kasumi but her style wasn’t compatible with mine. She has a lot of long strings like Lau and Pai. I prefer to be short and to the point (like Jean). I went through Kokoro’s command training and quite like her options so I’m going to stick with her (plus her costumes are great!).

Dead or Alive 5 E rank - Kokoro
Dead or Alive 5 E rank – Kokoro

I really like how you can go into training mode and get the match making to happen in the background. I can practice some combos and if I want to really concentrate on getting it down, I can ignore fight requests. But if I’m up for it, I can jump in and play an online match.

I haven’t played Dead or Alive 5 for a long time, but it didn’t take me very long to get used to it (played many online ranked matches). Taking pictures of winning poses is harder in DoA5, there’s no replays of your win so it just goes straight to the winning pose…


Once again, I’m like a beginner with DoA5. I’ll have to relearn everything and have to force myself to remember that tap up or down will not evade. At the moment though, I’m having a lot of fun working out the different combos for Kokoro.


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