Kendo demonstration

Just did my first Kendo demonstration after achieving my third Dan.

Skill wise there’s not much of a difference between now and before but I feel the main difference is my confidence in performing in front of large groups now.

Its actually the first time I’ve been asked to do Kata at a demonstration. I also made a mistake in the first and fifth forms. Not that the audience would’ve noticed though. The room was very hot and muggy and although the demonstration itself wasn’t really tough, battling the heat was the main struggle. After the demonstration, I stayed a short while and the next event was a fashion catwalk. The models were stunningly beautiful. But more impressively were the clothing they were modelling were made by young students! They were very talented designs and looked very professional. Any way back to Kendo. After the models finished we made our way to our dojo to join our class.

I missed about 3 weeks of training due to hay fever. It sounds pathetic but for some reason, this year has affected me more so than previous years. So coming back into training was a great feeling. Especially when its quite demanding. Have to wait until next week for my next training session now. I could go to the AGM on Saturday…