Mission complete: Remember Me

Capcom’s recent release of adventure game Remember Me is set in a futuristic Paris. Aside from all the futuristic robots doing all the boring chores (when are we going to get this in real life?) the new future has a way of digitally managing human memory. Not only that, but they’ve managed to implement augmented reality to everyone things to “SenSen”. Nilin, a “memory hunter” has the unique ability to remix memories.

Remember Me - 3D art
Remember Me – 3D art

My initial thoughts of the game was that it was quite a chore playing it. I wasn’t sure what I was doing and that Nilin’s story didn’t seem that interesting nor was the voice acting captivating (unlike the Tomb Raider reboot). But when I had the ‘aha!’ moment, everything fell into place and I started to have a better appreciation to both the game mechanics and story. Changing it to another langauge also helped as the voice acting was much better (I preferred the Spanish/Italian versions). It took a while for the story to pick up but the ending was well worth the play through.

Despite the first impressions with Remember Me’s story and gameplay, I was easily impressed with the game’s world – the art directors did very well here. The environments felt like a real place yet so futuristic. The digital content of the story seemed so natural that the surreal settings in some stages just seem to gel with everything.

Remember Me - world
Remember Me – world

You can customise Nilin’s combos at any point in the game. Basically, each attack you unlock later belongs to one of four categories; power up, regen health, reduce cooldown and special types which augment the properties of your combo. The “power up” one is pretty much self explanatory, it makes your strike more damaging than the base damage. Regen health is also quite easy – every time you hit someone with this attack, you regain some health back. The reduce cooldown ones are related to these special attacks Nilin has with her SenSen. Each time she uses one of these attacks, it’ll cost you a special meter and you will not be able to reuse that skill for a certain amount of time. This waiting period is the cool down time. So each hit will reduce the waiting time by 10 seconds (I believe) making it possible to use that special attack sooner than the default wait time. The special ones augment the previous attack’s trait and also give you bonuses. There is a special “finishing blow” you can execute when certain conditions are met. What happens is basically you will see Nilin overload the enemies mind by forcing lots of “memories” into the opponent’s SenSen.

Remember Me - memory overload
Remember Me – memory overload

I would recommend Remember Me to gamers who wants a good story but not challenging gameplay. It was quite a short game, took me only a few hours to complete. But this can be extended if you like completing all the side challenges.


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