Facebook and Twitter on Windows 8 Phone

Ever since I’ve had a Windows phone, I’ve been edging more and more towards social media sites/apps. The recent updates to these apps on the Windows 8 phone has made me use them even more!

I use Facebook to just read random posts my friends are posting and also because everyone seems to like to use FB to arrange events instead of a phone call or email. If is a little annoying but at the same time convenient as I can access these with the touch of an app on my phone. The latest FB app update has changed the layout of posts and how it updates activities etc. The app looks much better than the previous version and is easier to use now. This got me wondering about Twitter. Another popular form of social media.

I downloaded the app and I really liked the simple to use interface. I don’t know what the previous app looked like (if it’s been changed at all) but the ease of use has invited me to use Twitter. I’m now following quite a few sports personalities (Derrick Rose, Diana Taurasi and Jessica Ennis), some famous people (Taylor Swift and Camilla Luddington – absolutely stunning!) and of course, some gaming stuff (SEGA, Team Ninja and Mad Catz).

I find it a great way for companies (and indeed famous people) to interact with their fans. You get the feeling that you’re getting a little bit more personal than say receiving the same information from a TV program or a magazine article. It keeps fans interested and also providing them exclusive material that they wouldn’t have gotten hands on otherwise.

Thumbs up to social media apps! 🙂


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