I love “King of Fighters” games. The art style looks amazing, the play style is fast and aggressive. With King of Fighters XIII though, I’ve been playing the one player modes more than online.

Its not that playing against someone is boring, far from it. But the incredibly laggy matches destroys the whole experience of KoF. Lag is probably the single most important factor when playing online. Most people already enjoy the game, that’s why they want to play online so they can play some more with other people. However the experience is marred because the game is no longer responsive nor is it moving silky smooth. Luckily it’s got some great single player modes.


The trials in particular are very challenging. They are so long and hard I get a sense of accomplishment when completing them. A few months ago, I got stuck on Mai Shirainui’s 8th challenge and couldn’t for the life of me work out how to link LP, LK, HP. So I gave up. After revisiting it a few months later, with Project Interface completed, I realised that the sequence isn’t LP, LK, HP, but LK, LP, HP! So I’ve got the first two strings the wrong way around! So after half an hour or so, I finally complete the trial. How silly was that?


I realised circular motions are easier to do on an octo gate than a square gate. But it also feels harder to input diagonal two times in a row (33 or 11). I’m slowly getting used to it but it’s getting there. I feel as if the trials in KoFXIII has really helped my inputs too. I’m going to keep trying to complete more trials, especially Leona’s.