Mission Complete – Ninja Gaiden 3: Razors Edge

Ninja Gaiden 3 - Razors Edge - Shinobi
Ninja Gaiden 3 – Razors Edge – Shinobi

On Sunday unlocked the achievement of Shinobi for Ninja Gaiden 3: Razors Edge. It unlocks for anyone who completes the game on “normal” difficulty.

It was such a feat to actually beat the game that anyone could easily have mistaken that I was on a hard difficulty play through. But that is the beauty of Ninja Gaiden games. Its so damn challenging that even the “minions” can take you down. Once you find the right strategy to confront these evil forces the game becomes more manageable. Until you meet the next new type of enemy… Or having to face multiple instances of what was then a mini boss mixed amongst the typical ninja mobs out to kill you.

The boss battles are especially epic. Patience is key in seeking victory over these overpowered obstacles. Only once you’ve learned the timing or attack patterns will you know when to attack. If you don’t put any thought into it, it will just be a one sided spectacle.

I would highly recommend Ninja Gaiden 3 Razors Edge to people who likes a challenging game.



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