Go where the game is – Xbox One

I couldn’t stand the hype anymore! On Monday I finally pre-ordered a Day One edition of the Xbox One!!

To be honest, being an Xbox 360 owner I was always going to be a bit more biased towards the Microsoft’s next Gen baby. Why? Well, I know the service I get online is pretty good. The exclusive titles I got to play was amazing. But past experiences aside, the thing that really tipped me towards the Xbox One were the exclusive titles.

Killer Instincts is one such title. I’ve played so much of the same titles over the past few months that it’s wonderful to get a fresh fighting game. Its also highly praised by frequent tournament players too. So I’m pretty sure this will have a large audience and a healthy life span. Unless the online lets it down.

The surprisingly low profile Crimson Dragon is also on my list of must haves. Its main appeal to me is it’s faint link to the Panzer Dragoon games. So I have high expectations for this title.

Perhaps the most obvious game to have won me over is Titanfall. I’m not a first person shooter fan; so if you know me, its unusual, but the me hype over this game is too much. All the trailers, positive first hand experiences and the number of awards it achieved spells a fun game.

So yeah, if these games were being released on the PS4 instead of the Xbox One then might’ve gone for Sony instead. But since these are the games I’m interested in, that’s where I’m going.


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