Movies over the weekend

Last weekend I was watched a number of movies. Out of the handful of films, my favourite is Jeon Woochi. Its about a taoist with wizardry skills who hunts demons. It is an old movie made back in 2007, so the special effects does look a bit dated but would’ve been amazing for the standards back then. What I liked most about the movie was the style of it – the music is great, full of humour and amazing acting. My favourite scene is the one with Woochi explaining what a taoist is (or basically what he is capable of) with the catchy music.

A surprising movie which I didn’t expect to like was Mama. I had low expectations for it and didn’t know much about it. But its actually quite jumpy throughout and is quite fun to watch. Although some scenes were almost a perfect replicate of scenes from other movies so I’d knock down a few points for that.

The last movie I watched was another Korean movie – Confession of Murder. This was a very interesting movie. You are brought to expect it to explore criminal accountability through admitting to a crime through a book (briefly). But I won’t ruin the story but it’s a very clever movie, however, I managed to figure out the plot before it was exposed! Muahahaa