Spinal Friday!!!

Killer Instinct - Spinal
Killer Instinct – Spinal

I selected him as soon as he was available to me on Friday 31st January 2014 and it seems everyone else did the same. It was pretty much mirror matches throughout the night with the odd Sabrewulf and Jago fighters. It was fun in a way because I got to see how other people were using him and was able to test out various things as the other guy was also doing. I’m having a lot of fun with him – his run is hilarious with his insane laugh. I put a few smiles on my opponents face running around like a lunatic. Spinal’s a great addition to the cast and I feel more “at home” with him than Sadira. Sadira is great but I like mix ups and at this stage, I feel Spinal is stronger in this regard.

Can’t wait for the next character to become available!!