Pilot, your update is ready…

Guilty. Guilty of playing on my Xbox One so much that I didn’t want to update my blog!

I had my doubts at first; there were so many negativity on social media – “Microsoft is so greedy”, “it’s rubbish because it doesn’t focus on gaming”. Now that I’ve had the chance to spend several months gaming on Microsoft’s latest console, I feel like this would be a better “review” than ones posted hours or weeks after launch.

It’s a very different machine to when it first started. It seems there are monthly updates to the console to make it better. When I first started, I had no idea how much data storage I was using. Now, all I need to do is go into my app section to find out just how much memory each game or app is taking. Since it is still pushing to sell more consoles, it’s obviously going to keep up sending us sweets. I’m now using less and less of the other apps on the console – such as 4oD but that is because I’ve now got a separate box for that. I do feel there has been an improvement to Kinect’s voice command recognition. Before, I would often have to repeat commands to get it to work and the slightest background noise would further hinder these efforts. Now, granted when the background noise is very loud I will still have trouble getting commands through, but when it’s not, I can still command my Xbox. Also the GameDVR function is really cool. All I need to say is “Xbox record that!” and I get my clip recorded for me. I can then upload it to anywhere I want to without any extra peripherals. Which reduces costs – I’m hoping that they will add a function to enable us to add titles in like iMovie does. That’d be mind-blowing.

The most important change and it’s the single reason why I’ve been putting this post off is Titanfall. Well, not just Titanfall but Forza 5 as well. Actually, the games. The most important part of a gaming console is the library of games it brings. To me, it is delivering gaming experiences I’ve never had before. This is due to the nature of the gaming mechanics, yes, but also down to the backend systems of Microsoft servers too. In the hours I’ve been playing online I’ve only experienced a handful of lag – also note that these did not last the whole match. The next exclusives I’m looking out for are Quantum Break and Sunset Overdrive. Also, I wouldn’t mind a Virtua Fighter game – it’ll give me a reason to get a MadCatz fightstick for my Xbox One.

The games are very strong with the Xbox One. I’ve had so much enjoyment out of it and it’s also fueled my hobby of capturing gameplay and sharing them. Xbox One is awesome!

PS: If Final Fantasy 15 was still a PS4 exclusive, I’d probably get a PS4 along the way but since it’s multi platform, I’ll get it on Xbox One! yay!