Project interface 2.0?

The release of the Xbox One has deprived me of one of my favourite gaming accessory in recent years – the result of Project Interface, my fight stick.

The MadCatz Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition 2 for the Xbox One was available from day one of the console’s release date yet I haven’t invested in one yet. There were just too many games being released in such a short window and I chose games over an accessory.

But now, Razor has announced a fight stick for the Xbox One increasing the number of fight sticks on the market to two. To be honest I was going to purchase the Razor Xbox 360 version before the new consoles were announced. I chose it over the MadCatz Tournament edition because of how accessible the insides were and the designs had customisation in mind. But the design and features of MadCatz TE2 was very, very similar to what Razor had to offer in the previous generation. I thought I was sold until Razor showing off their new stick. I’m now leaning more towards the Razor Atrox just because the faceplate looks to provide more surface area. They’re both priced the same but the Atrox also looks to be more subtle in the colour of it’s case: it’s black whereas the TE2 has some bright red edges on the left and right edge.

VF5 FS - Nichirin Kyoushitsu (Shichiyou Tenrengeki) win
Just waiting for a 3D fighter to make it’s way to the Xbox one before I purchase one – VF5 FS

Having said all that, I don’t feel it’s the right time to buy either yet because I’m waiting for a 3D fighter to appear on the Xbox One. Here’s me really hoping Virtua Fighter and Dead or Alive will make it’s way to the Xbox One as either of these titles are on my instant buy list and the experience is only completed with a fight stick. I will be designing a new fight stick art closer to the purchase of a fight stick.


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