Pretty awesome news from Gamescom

The lineup of XboxOne games shown at Gamescom 2014 is pretty awesome. They had some strong demos, some pretty cool titles I never knew existed and some super surprising news.

The demos that stood out for me was Forza Horizon 2 and the very first gameplay demo of Quantum Break. I get Forza Horizon 2’s style – it’s not a serious simulator like Forza 5, its all about the social aspects of owning a car. Or at least what everyone really wants to do: race on the streets. I dont know why people compared the two franchises as they’re different. From the demo, it seems they’ve given the sounds an extra boost. The roaring engines sounded especially spectacular when going tunnels. I’m really hyped about this game. We were also treated to a gameplay demo of Quantum Break. I’ve not seen any footage before but the skills on display and mechanics looked pretty fun. I’m into time travel/manipulation so this is definitely a must have for me.

There was one game that really stood out for me. A game about making a theme park and ultimately, killing the subjects who are testing them. It sounds abit twisted, but I’ve never come across a game like this before. So this is another title I’ll be watching out for.

But the big surprising reveal/news that came out of Gamescom was that the second Tomb Raider is now an Xbox exclusive! I don’t think anyone saw that coming. I’m pretty glad that I will be able to play it on my XboxOne. After all, I was pretty gutted when Arksys announced that BlazBlue Chronophantasma (the concluding chapter) was only going to be on Sony’s machine. There was a temptation to get a PS4 just for Chronophantasm, after all, I bought a 360 for Dead or Alive 4. I stopped my self from going through with that because Microsoft brought back Killer Instinct. I might as well go for something new right? Now with this announcement I dont know what games I would be playing on the PS4… if any at all. I’m wish they release a special collectors digital edition. Can’t wait!


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