Rise of the Tomb Raider – crybabies

Since Rise of the Tomb Raider had been revealed as an Xbox exclusive, a lot of babycries surfaced on social media. Many of which make absolutely no sense at all. Some posts that really made me think “what the fuck?!”.

A group of users claimed they refuse to purchase a copy just because it’s coming out on the Xbox first. They claim it’s bad for the consumers. Does it really affect anything other than your console/platform choice ego that Xbox fans get first dibs on the game? I really don’t get this “logic”. Does that mean that they’re boycotting Destiny? A game where PS4 owners were told they will be able to play the beta before anyone else? Surely that’s not fair also – so why didn’t these righteous idiots complain then? Oh right, it’s cause they can boast about getting their hands on the beta first. If they feel like this about one game, I wonder where they draw the line? Such as do they boycott Japanese games which come out in Japan months ahead of the western continents? Or American TV shows which typically shows a couple of hours ahead of their European counterparts? And what about cars or TVs and tablets? I get the feeling that a lot of people are justifying their Playstation purchases (or their expensive gaming pcs) by how “superior” it is to the Xbox One only to be told a high profile game such as the Tomb Raider sequel is out on Xbox One first. So childish.

Some people say say that the Tomb Raider franchise is so big that it shouldn’t be an exclusive. Well… that’s not really for us to decide but Square Enix. They can literally decide what platform to bring the game on and if we really wanted to play that game we’d have to buy that platform. Also I enjoyed BlazBlue but the final installment was never released on any of the Xbox’s but I don’t hear anyone claiming foul play here. Also, what about when the Tomb Raider in the past which only came out on the PS1? The first game came out on both the Sega Saturn and PS1, but then Sony made a deal with Eidos Interactive (from memory they owned the franchise then?) to prevent them from releasing the game on their rivals. What about Onimusha on the original Xbox and PS2? A Capcom hack and slash which came out on both systems but all it’s sequels only appeared on Sony’s machine. How about Bayonetta? None of these caused the crap spewing out of these kids mouths because it benefited from these. I don’t see a problem with a console doing this to make it’s product stand out more.

What about DLC? DLC provides extra experience of the game, yet there are games with PS exclusive content denying others of these experiences. So why are they ok with this? Some say because one is a complete game and the other is just DLC. It doesn’t matter, both content costs money so they should be treated the same.

These crybabies on social media create imaginary rules to benefit themselves, or the illusion of them benefiting from Sony making money, and aren’t really thinking about the real world. This is a business they’re talking about, if it fits the business goals then they will do it. Stop crying, if you want to play Rise of the Tomb Raider first then buy an Xbox One like I have to buy a PS3 for BlazBlue Chronophantasma. Kids should be banned from social media.

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