Too much Titanfall…

I knew I would like this game but the longevity of it is crazy long. I’m still playing this game solidly and played so much that I’ve only got two achievements to go. Although, I think I’ve hit an obstacle; I need to be the top player for another 24 matches. Sometimes I get a good run but a lot of the time, I’m being outscored. I’ve been using cards to my advantage but when I run out of good ones, it becomes a lot harder to get the highest score… unless my team mates aren’t that good. I am looking forward to update 6 and the final DLC to be released.

There’s been many new titles since the launch of the Xbox One and they’ve all done really well and played very well.

That being said, I think I will start playing Watch Dogs again just so I experience the whole story. It’s not that I got bored of it, but Titanfall is that addictive. I’ve nearly completed 1,000 matches and that’s a lot of hours right there.

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