First episodes of D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die

D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die is my first episodic game and also the first Kinect title I own. It’s a surprisingly good game.

As you know from my previous post, you’ll know I was pretty hyped for D4. Not because it was marketed as the most awesome game you’ll ever play, but due to the promise of a new gaming experience in a very stylish setting. I’ve not used the Kinect outside a few voice commands and the occasional hand gestures so I was half expecting D4 to turn out as a mediocre game because of the Kinect controls. But I found it to be quite entertaining. Since I’m reading and following the story, its nice not having to hold anything in your hand for once. The point and select mechanism works for me in this game. The idea of playing as the main character of a TV series like game is pretty awesome – I feel like I’m in control of the pace of the story. I’m also a fan of the awesome opening sequence that feels very Japanese and manga-like.


D4’s not exactly perfect, I personally dislike the voice acting, it’s disappointing. The main character’s accent sounds like an Australian doing a fake American accent to me. Also, there is one super annoying character who speaks at a quarter of the speed of normal people… It’s very annoying when I have to listen to everything he has to say!! One thing that’s a little annoying is when I do certain actions, the Kinect seems to register it incorrectly. Not sure whether it’s the game or my set up. It isn’t the best since I’ve got a massive ceiling to floor glass doors behind me, so I imagine the lighting is less than optimum for the Kinect. But for example, when I want to see what’s to my left without turning, I have to lean to the right. If there is something, I should be able to reach out and select it, but sometimes, the camera will go back to the default view whilst I’m in the middle of grabbing/pushing that item.

The fun does outweigh the bad for me though. One thing D4 did really well are the action sequences, I enjoy doing them more than I thought I would. My little sister was watching me play and wanted to have a go at D4/Kinect so I let her play some of episode one. She was unsure about it at first but the fun and excitement all started when she triggered a fight sequence. There was so much fun pulling off all the moves in the game that it left a good impression of the Kinect and D4. The humour is very Japanese which I understand and chuckle along with but I can imagine how some people wouldn’t find it amusing. I’m also in love with the style of the universe. The story is a cliche but for some reason, I really do want to know the identity of “D”. Could it be because I’m actively looking for clues so I’m more immersed into the universe?

I think D4 isn’t for everyone, but it’s a good game to show how a Kinect game can be fun. For less than £15 it was worth the purchase!