Hong Kong is part of China!

Its hard to ignore the Hong Kong protest since that’s where I’m from. Most media reports have been focusing too much on the tear gas and painting a picture where China is some sort of bad guy staging a fake democratic vote for the next chief executive. But hang on, Hong Kong has never had any sort of democracy.

China has been very nice to Hong Kong because part of it’s rise in power was due to Hong Kong (not that this wasn’t already compensated for though). They’ve appreciated this fact and would like to maintain a good relationship but some Hong Kong people on the other hand can’t get off their high horses and acknowledge they are also Chinese. Disgraceful. I think this article by Martin Jaques sums up my feelings and thoughts best – http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/sep/30/china-hong-kong-future-protesters-cry-democracy

Hong Kong is part of China you stupid part time protesters!

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2 thoughts on “Hong Kong is part of China!

  1. OK, I understand you want the stupid part time protesters to be more patriotic toward their country, but are you also saying that they shouldn’t be protesting for universal suffrage? I read the Guardian article you linked to and have a pretty good grasp of the basic history of the matter, but does that mean Hong Kong, all of China, or anywhere in the world, should just always accept the political status quo regardless?

    1. I’m saying not all protestors that are there want democracy but are there out of hate. Protest for the right reasons, don’t piggy back on another when you dont believe in it.

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