Watch your fuel!

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, I was flicking through channels until I saw a still racing car that was on it’s roof! It happened very recently as there was talks of the safety of the driver and a safety car coming out to play.

I don’t watch motorsport racing much, but I was hooked onto this scene. Not due to the accident, but because something felt very familiar about what I’m seeing. As if I’ve been there before but just looking at it from a different angle. Then it hit me, its the race track where I’ve driven hundreds of digital miles over and over again just to try beat my own time by 0.1 second. Yep, it is of course Bathurst race track from Forza Motorsport 5. This is when I can fully appreciate just how much work Turn10 Studios has put into replicating the tracks. I was looking at a close up of a corner and it was enough for me to recognise where it was!

I continued to watch the race and I was genuinely excited by how fast and skilled these drivers were. The race was filled with drama, at several points, I was sure of the winner only to be greeted by surprises where small differences, changed everything. These drivers were really pushing their cars to their absolute limits. What an amazing race.

This is the race I was watching:


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