Tomb Raider 1.25?

So I’ve read the new Tomb Raider: The Ten Thousand Immortal novel by Dan Abnett & Nick Vincent and have mixed feelings about it.

To be fair, the authors did have a tough task at hand as they’re supposed to pick up the story from the end of Tomb Raider, yet their story can’t contain events or characters that are so important that it would have a great effect on the upcoming game (Rise of the Tomb Raider).

I thought the book spent a tad too much time setting everything up in this adventure, it may have been necessary though. When I got to about a third of the book, I was hooked. It was like reading about something straight out of the Bourne Identity movies. This was also the point when some cools characters appear – they’re not quite fully fleshed out and used in the whole book though (*spoiler and reason below). About 65% through the book, I think there’s just too many adversaries in the equation. Frankly, one of the parties could’ve been absent from the book.


Lydia was so cool, she used her amazing parkour skills to traverse the rooftops of Paris to track down the escaping Lara and then the authors easily kill Lydia off and replace her with lots of generic thugs in the end.

I did, surprisingly, enjoy how the tales and legends unfolded through Lara’s conversations. How there were multiple views on just one artifact and it provided leads to her next location.

Tomb Raider: The Ten Thousand Immortals isn’t a master piece but it was a fun read. It was restricted in how much Lara can actually develop as this is canon material. As a result this felt like a Tomb Raider 1.25.



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