Forza Horizon 2 – Bucket List challenge 13

After repeatedly failing this challenge, I finally managed to beat it – albeit very closely. Hopefully, this video will give others some pointers to help them succeed as well.

There were a few lessons to be learnt here. Read the title being the obvious one. In my first couple of tries, I literally followed the sat-nav and was nowhere near my destination as time ran out. So I decided to drive as straight as I can. It was difficult learning which gaps in the trees I can actually squeeze past without loosing too much speed. This took a while to learn as every time I learnt where I can go, I would be able to reach closer to the goal and every time I’d discover new territories that I did not explore before hand.

It also took me a while to notice the terrain. Laugh if you want, but I thought simply holding down the accelerator will be the best way to get me to the check point. I was so wrong. The terrain is so uneven so sometimes, your car will end up flying in the air after reaching the top of hills for example. The faster your car was travelling the higher you will go, which increases your chances of being flipped upside down. So I had to ease of the accelerator at certain points to prevent this from happening.

The final hurdle was getting enough speed and entering the road to the check point at the entrance. If you literally go straight without turning. You’d end up hitting some concrete slabs so just before you get to the check point, you have to start travelling at a half past 10 direction (if the check point is at 12 o clock). This will align you to the entrance or at least some options on how you’d like to approach the entrance.