Generation 10

Finally! After exactly 8 months of frantic jet pack parkour running and summoning Titanfalls from the sky, I’ve finally made it to Gen 10 pilot. This is the highest generation you can achieve in Titanfall and it used to serve nothing more than a medal to say you’ve bothered to complete specific tasks in the game. Now it’s a little more than that, you’re pilot generation also determines how much burn cards you can hold. These are special augmentations that you can choose before the beginning of a match or during a respawn and are lost either by dying or when a round ends.

So I’ve captured two videos to mark this milestone.

This is the final 5 minutes of the match where I completed the final challenge required to unlock generation 10. The final challenge I had to complete was to be the top scoring player on my team for 50 times.

And below is the moment I “transcended” to generation 10. At the same time discovering there’s a ranked match beta – a reward for the time and effort put in to getting the highest generation in the game.


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