Ghost in the Shell thoughts…

After learning that Scarlett Johansson could potentially star as the leading role in a Ghost in the Shell movie, I decided to go check out the story of this classic masterpiece.

I read the manga first as this is the original source. The characters felt real and the story was deep; what I was most impressed with was the world of Ghost in the Shell. The weapons, transport and technology are very convincing.

After reading an impressive story from the manga, I didn’t know whether the anime adaptation could live up to the manga. But the first scene was exactly the same as the manga, so I knew I was in for a good time. Mind you, the movie isn’t exactly the same as the manga (not scene for scene replicate) but the main story line is there and there are differences. I was hugely impressed with the anime and loved the final fight scene. I liked the anime better.

If the actor Scarlett Johansson accepts this role, I will pay anything to see Johansson take on a tank! That is unless they follow the manga closer than the anime.

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