Dragon Age, the story so far…

Admittedly, I’ve only played the demo of Dragon Age Origins on the Xbox 360. I was on the bench with that game and decided to go with another fighting game instead at the time. But with all the amazing reviews Dragon Age Inquisition is getting, I’m really excited for the release of this beautiful game.

The only problem is I haven’t played the first two games (not in depth any way) so I will not understand much. I then began to wonder whether I would enjoy the game as much if I spent half of it trying decipher names and important historic events. To my luck, Kotaku has published a helpful beginners guide to the Dragon Age world (Thedas)!

Once all the lingo was down and I had a good grasp of the Dragon Age universe I visited the Dragon Age Keep as suggested in the above the article. It’s a very, very extensive tool which lets you customise your Dragon Age world which will affect your story in Dragons Age Inquisition! This web app is amazing. You can go through the whole story changing important events then watching the whole story in a narrated animation.



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