My Inquisitor is… Chloe O’Brian?

It took me ages to create my character in Dragon Age Inquisition. Before I even booted the game up, I was undecided with playing as a male or female. Took me at least half an hour just to decide going for a female hero mainly because most RPGs I’ve played have a male hero. I thought it’d be more interesting to play through as a woman. Then I had to decide what my new hero would look like… oh boy…

Whilst I was messing around with the customisation of my character I finally came to some inspiration of what I wanted my character to look like – Daenery Targaryen as I really liked her ascension to power in the Game of Thrones series. I wanted a similar experience, going from underdog to hero status. Of course I made a crap mess of this and found out someone else had already done this (didn’t feel unique any more). I made a random face but it looked odd and jarred me so much that I scrapped the character and restarted the game. I used another template and was happy with my creation.


It was only during the cut scenes I felt my Inquisitor looked familiar (hey the lightings different). I’ve seen her somewhere before. It was after completing the awesome prologue that it hit me – she resembled Chloe O’Brian from the action series 24. Chloe isn’t a field agent but she’s a kick ass character from 24. The episode where she uses the machine gun to take out the guys trying to kill her left me thinking “wow… she’s so cool”. So I’m happy with my Inquisitor – I might even try to choose the decisions based on what Chloe might’ve done (not going emo though)! hehe