Don’t stop! Keep driving!

Normally, I see a lot of people give up before they’ve really given it all. Some things seem impossible and it’s very easy to give up.

But I strongly feel that as long as you keep trying, there will be times where it will pay off to keep going. Like Daigo had 1 pixel of his health bar left and Justin Wong tried to kill him with chip damage but he parried every single attack and won that match. I had an uphill struggle catching up to my opponent after a very bad start in Forza Horizon 2. I didn’t give up and it turns out that my opponent makes a pretty big mistake allowing me to close in on the gap and ultimately pass his ghost. Yeah, it was a rivals event. But it shows that even if you make a mistake and put yourself at a huge disadvantage, it’s not the end of the world.

Me playing catch up after hitting the curb at the first corner.