Mission complete – Watch_dogs

The build-up and ending to Watch_dogs was actually better than I expected it to be. There will be lots and lots of spoilers ahead so stop reading now if you rather complete the game yourself.

Near the end, you have a showdown with Lucky Quinn. Yes, the frail old man whom you find out is the guy who ordered the hit on Pearce’s niece. (See, I told you there’ll be spoilers). I was so happy that they didn’t go with the easy route and just deploy him with a heavy robotic armour suit with twin mini gun arms, lock on missiles and infinite grenades. The way you take out Quinn makes the whole scene heavier and successfully marks it as an important event. Had he been shot in the middle of a fire fight then it probably wouldn’t have mattered to the player. Following on from this, your sortof love interest dies. This was also a moment where I felt Ubisoft did quite well. It was very cliché but it was effective to me. Then you got to get rid of Damien Banks, the guy forcing you to do… well… what you originally wanted to do. Find the people responsible for killing Pearce’s niece. I liked the final moments of Watch Dogs, but I don’t get why the other antagonist – Iraq got so much screen time. Seriously. I reckon they could’ve done something more with Defalt. The character that was relevant to the story for pretty much 90 seconds in my play through. I think he could’ve been a rival to Pearce throughout the story, but oh well.

The finale was a little frustrating. I don’t know why the cops suddenly became telepaths or why the sudden interest in taking out Pearce. Scans appear everywhere on the map and it was impossible for me to avoid them (I don’t like killing cops – not even in a video game, I guess that’s why I don’t like GTA). But in order to complete the game I had to take several out. I wished that there was a way in the game where this could’ve been avoided. Hate you for this Ubisoft.

After a while of not playing Watch Dogs I wanted to play some online hacking again because that was my favourite feature of the game.

Hacking after a while