Halo 5 Beta access

In short, I got my arse kicked… I’m still burning through the story in Halo MCC so I haven’t played Halo online before. Now that the beta for Halo 5 is out I thought I’d give it a try and see if I like it.

My first impression after my first match was that I wasn’t sure of the game. Well I did spend most of the match trying to adjust to the controls, the abilities and the mechanics. I’ve played a lot of Titanfall and it’s a very different game to Halo 5. In Titanfall it’s very easy to take someone down – a single machine gun magazine could last you a couple of kills. But in Halo, you’ll probably need a whole clip. In Halo, Spartans have shields so it’s not quite the same. Where you are aiming at matters more. There’s been so many times where I’m shooting at the hip area (hey it’s the largest part of the body) and the other guy is shooting my neck area and I die first. I’m not frustrated by this as I think it should be more rewarding for shooting the hard target (think headshots).

I like how everyone gets the same loadouts so everyone is equal, but power weapons are nearly always available quick so to dominate, you’ll need to pick this up or at least have a team mate do that.

I’ve played about 10 matches so far but I’m having a lot of fun with it. My favourite weapon is the Uzi like gun since I’m no good with single shot weapons (except for the boomshot or torque bow in Gears).