Thanks for 2014! Welcome 2015!

2014 was mainly a positive year for me but there were times where I thought I was being tested. Let’s go with the bad first; get it out the way, then follow up with the good and top it all off with some great news.

The Bad

Stopping Kendo has been regretful. I miss it all the time but the journey to practice is taking it’s toll on me. It’s just not very convenient for me any more. Of course work hasn’t given me time to go as well. We were already under staffed in my department, yet we’re continuing to win a lot of new (big) businesses. It didn’t help when my colleague was ill for a few months. Work was very challenging during those days. What was done by two people, now had to be done by one. Of course I had help in the form of freelancers. They’ve been hit and miss, most of the time I’ve got to set aside a couple of hours to check their work, manage their work, show them where to save, where to find stuff etc… So by the time I leave the office (usually quite late), I’m tired and hungry. At least before I would be in the middle of doing Kendo so I wouldn’t have time to think about eating.

Work has been a nightmare, but at least my health is good. Well, ignoring the really bad eczema that flared up a few months ago. This year, my dad is finally showing his age. In December alone, he’s had to visit the dr’s four times. I’ve taken steps to help him be healthier.

Even the world seemed to be a bit crazier. Tragic news like flights going missing or even shot down! Riots in America because there were a series of Police shooting civilians! Hong Kong protestors wanting a more democratic process by holding Hong Kong civilians ransom.

In terms of gaming, there were many titles released with problems, Street Fighter 5 announced as a PS and PC exclusive and numerous people being harassed online.

Now all that is out the way, let’s celebrate the good stuff!

The good!

I’m getting more responsibilities at work! It’s not quite a promotion; we’re going to recruit someone else into the team and there needs to be someone who will liaise with Traffic and “distribute” work amongst the team. I am expected to work at the same capacity as my colleagues, but hopefully this is a step towards a senior position.

My school friend got hitched! We had an amazing time at his stag weekend in Krakow (don’t worry mate, none of your secrets will be revealed here). The wedding was great, we danced the night away and managed to complete waste our other friend was so funny. We have a wager on who will get married next… but I need a girlfriend first!

It was my 30th birthday this year so that should mean I’m more mature and attractive to women now… right? Surely that’s a positive! Oh and went to Go-karting only to return home to a “surprise” party.

We also got to see how an efficient German team absolutely humiliate the Brazilian football team with a 7-1 victory on their home turf. We got to see Derrick Rose return to the game. Maria Sharapova and Roger Federer providing some high quality tennis matches.

There were a number of outstanding movies I saw in 2014. The ones I have to mention are Captain America The Winter Soldier, Wreck it Ralph and Brave. TV made a good showing of the Apprentice and new seasons of The Big Bang Theory and Marvels Agents of Shield (winter finale was amazing).

In terms of gaming, I’ve played some very solid games. Titanfall, D4, Forza Horizon 2, Sunset Overdrive, Halo Master Chief Collection, Dragons Age Inquisition, Killer Instinct 2nd Season and Halo 5 beta. I’ve already got a backlog of games to start and I’m looking at a very solid 2015 lineup for the Xbox One.

Cherry on top

To top off the good stuff, I now have two very healthy niece as of yesterday! I’m so happy for my sister and brother-in-law. Means more presents need to be bought in winter.