Razer Atrox received!

Yep, I’ve finally got my hands on the Razer Atrox Xbox One fightstick! First impression was “WOW!! What a big box!”


Seriously, I’m very happy with the packaging. There was lots of protection and the boxes didn’t feel cheap so good on Razer for making sure their product’s quality wasn’t compromised through transport. Just look at how much I had to unpack to get to it.


Upon holding my new favourite toy in my hands, the weight is noticeably heavier than the MadCatz fightstick SE that I own. It gives it a high quality feel to it – especially the non-slip bottom surface. It’s quite a bit bigger too MadCatz measuring at 29.5cm length, 20.5cm wide and 6.5cm deep whereas the Atrox is 38cm long, 26cm wide and 7.3cm deep. The extra space stabilises the stick on my lap a lot better and my hands sit very comfortably on the surface of the arcade stick. The Atrox comes with high quality Sanwa buttons and stick – the one fitted by default is the ball top. The (approx 4m) cable is in a very nice mesh like protection wrap and is easily detachable from the main body. The overall quality of the build is much, much higher than the MadCatz SE fightstick. Well, it is the SE line…


Let’s talk about mods! It’s clear that Razer made the Atrox with modification enthusiasts in mind. Accessing the insides of this fightstick is as easy as pressing a button on the top cover. You’ll find inside the USB cable to connect your fightstick to your Xbox One, a spare bat top and a handy screwdriver. The wires inside are tidily bunched together and it leaves enough length for you to unplug them without fear of damaging the connectors. I really like how the stick just opens up like a car bonnet, since there is something holding it open you have both hands free to work with. In contrast, modding the MadCatz stick is clumsy, to do anything, you’ll need to lean it against something for support whilst unscrewing something so it’s definitely a welcomed change. The top panel artwork can also be easily changed. It doesn’t look like I’ll need to print a sticker this time. Maybe it can be printed on normal sheet of paper because it’s got a transparent sheet of plastic on top of it to hold it in place as well as protecting it.

Now, this calls for Project Interface 2.0! Currently, it has the stock square gate installed. If you’ve read my last posts on fightstick upgrades, you’ll know I prefer an octo gate. So that’s definitely one of the first thing I want to change. I’m also going to customise the artwork. I’ll need to see what stock paper to print it on and whether it needs to be adhesive. Last, but not least, the buttons will probably need changing since the artwork is going to change. Well… here’s a photo of my Razer Atrox Xbox One Fightstick!