Project Interface 2.0 initiated…

That’s right! I’ve already started modding my fightstick! Razer has done a great job in making it easier than before. I can access the insides of the fight stick in seconds – push a button to pop the stick open. It’s like a car bonnet except it opens up to 90 degress leaving plenty of space to work on what whatever part you want.


The first thing I want back is the octo gate. Square is fine for 2D games but I really prefer the smoothness of octo gates and they’re great for 3D fighters (Dead or Alive 5 Last Round I’m looking at you!). I wasn’t sure which parts were compatible with the Razer Atrox fightstick so I emailed a couple of places to find out. Before they got back to me, I popped open my fightstick to investigate (looking for a part number, etc…). Instead, I found the gate to resemble the gate used in the MadCatz fightstick. I thought they could be using the same parts so I decided to try install it.


Oh the nostalgia of opening the MadCatz SE stick was so great, it seemed not so long ago I applied the custom artwork on top. The tedious opening and balancing the stick whilst removing the gate only highlighted how convenient it is to do the same on my Atrox fightstick. I took both the octo gate and red colour ball top off.


It was simple to take of the manufacturer gate and replace it with the octo gate. Why? both my hands were free and the top cover felt secure. This part took maybe 2 minutes?


So the next part of my mod was to change the ball top to a different colour. I wish I had a bright green one to match but unfortunately, I don’t. Using the screwdriver provided with the new fightstick, I was easily able to unscrew the ball top and install a red one into place. Again, this took another minute or two.

After I was done, I just closed the top and that was it! There wasn’t any more screws to return like the SE stick – which is what takes the most time. So here it is, with the octo gate and red ball top installed. Next stage is to create the artwork for the face plate. If I didn’t have to take the parts from the SE stick I could have done everything within 10 minutes max. I love this stick!