Who is Amy Johnston?

When searching for an image for my previous martial arts movie post (ironically about the lack of a new one), I came across an interesting poster. It was of a beautiful young woman in a martial arts pose for a movie called Lady Bloodsport (later renamed “Blood Fight”) and my initial reaction was – oh no, not another “Legend of Chun Li!”. So I clicked through to the link and started to read the article. To my surprise, she’s a professional stunt double and her work includes my much loved Captain Amercia 2 – The Winter Soldier.


Further to my surprise she’s also trained in martial arts most of her life. So I decided to watch the video on the page of Amy in a choreography practice session. From the video, her movements look authentic, it’s unlike actors who have trouble selling a punch/kick to the audience. I wanted to see more of her action so I decided to do a little research.

First place I looked on was IMDB, she’s credited mostly as a stunt professional and the only feature length movie I’ve seen her act in is… a pretty violent movie called Raze. This movie is about a group of kidnapped women who must fight each other to the death in an underground tournament. Their motivation is that if they lose or refuse to take part, someone close to them will be seriously injured or killed. It’s often described as a blend of Fight Club and Hostel. Closer to Hostel… some scenes are very difficulty to watch – whether it was done to a man or woman and the fact that all this is done for the entertainment of rich upper class. Amy appears in one fighting scene with the main character which lasts about 45 seconds.

Anyway, I found out that in addition to Lady Blood Fight, she’s also starring in a web series called Clandestine. The trailer looks quite good and I like the fight choreography of the conceptual scenes. Let’s hope they carry through to the actual web series. I’m keeping an eye out for Amy Johnston because she could be the star that the action genre is in dire need of.