To my surprise, Team Ninja has launched a tutorial series on how to play Dead or Alive. Well, the principles taught can be applied to any fighting game.

Their first episode is aimed at beginners and concentrates on the absolute basics – how to strike an opponent. Sounds easy. They manage to avoid problems other tutorials suffer like trying to cover too much in a single episode or assume something is so basic that it’s logical and natural enough for the viewer to make the connection. Team Ninja’s format is very simple, they have two people in training mode. One person is knowledgeable of fighting games, the other is not. After a brief introduction on which buttons will strike an opponent, the newbie is tasked with performing a simple combo. She doesn’t always succeed at first and we witness how she comes to realise that her inputs are either too early or too late. This is a very good idea as viewers will have something to relate to if they experience something similar. I think her reactions and attempts can really help a point hit home for players who like to just mash buttons. I’m hoping we’ll be able to see how she develops into a well versed fighting game player. Great job Team Ninja!