Beta test

First person shooters haven’t been on my radar until Titanfall dropped. So it should come to no surprise that I haven’t played any of the previous Battlefield games. I thought I’d give the beta a shot since it’ll be a good chance to try out the game without having to spend any money on it.

The game mode I spent most of my time playing is Heist. At first, I had a hard time adjusting to the controls and the shear number of enemies that could be just around the corner. Players can also lie down on the ground and shoot you. Something I wasn’t expecting. After playing for a while, I finally felt I had a good grasp of the controls but I was still dying alot. I needed to work out a strategy or at least know what I’m doing wrong because it’s getting very frustrating how I’m basically cannon fodder. I tried to play it like Titanfall, albeit a slower version. It didn’t work. Mostly because there’s so many people, you’ll get flanked or there’s going to be at least one person with a sniper rifle. So I played it with Halo in mind and that made my experiences much more enjoyable. I started to last longer and getting a better Kill Death ratio. I then familiarised the map to know where the drop off points will be and came up with strategies on how to start a heist or how to prevent it – depending on which side I was playing as. I became quite proficient in taking down the culprit in predicting which route they will attempt. Obviously I couldn’t take down the whole gang so whether they were successful or not was usually came down to whether I had any backup with me. On the other hand, when I was playing as the thief, I would try the less popular route to open it up more options and also moved into places to counter their advances (such as attacking them from the side as they rushed to the scene).

There was one match I had where it was 3 vs 4 match – I was in the 3 man team. It was kinda strange because the usual chaos was absent. The police side had the task of killing the three of 100 times. It meant that if the three of us had any sort of coordination, we’d be very, very successful. It didn’t happen that way as the other two didn’t seem to know what was happening and the other team had a number of snipers covering the pickup points. There was one where I thought it was going to be hard since it’s right in front of the police spawn point. But to my amazement, I managed to get to this without too much problems. The problem was getting the loot to the parking lot where the police had perfect sniping positions to cover all the directions we came at them. We died so many times and there was one occasion where I sort of outsmarted them only to be shot down milimetres away from the drop off point. This was actually quite fortunately as when I spawned, I saw the drop off point change to a much easier one. I had no idea where my team mates where, it looked like they were wondering around the map (not realising it was only the 7 of us in this match?). I knew if this plan in my head had any chance of success, speed was the crucial factor. So I raced to the vault patiently waiting for it to appear. As it appeared, I picked up the package and ran to the other drop off point. On my way there I noticed one of the opposition was running to the drop off point – I knew what he was up to. He was looking to set up a trap for any enemies who the sniping team on the roof couldn’t take out. He was going to lie still on the ground so that anyone running to the point can be taken out easily. Unfortunate for him, I was right behind him! I took him out whilst the snipers shot at me. Luckily for me I shot him as he turned and ducked so my hip firing actually earned me a head shot! I quickly ducked into his spot throwing out a med kit whilst waiting for the helicopter to arrive. I looked at the timer and timed when I needed to move as I know grenades will be coming in soon. At last I saw the opportunity to run for the helicopter! I also knew snipers where targeting me so I ran a little bit then hit the deck! Bullets came flying past over my head as their aim was at where I would’ve been and not where I am now! I stood back up again and raced to the helicopter and made the final drop off! I was so proud that I single handedly pulled this off with 2-3 snipers on me. That was satisfying. I did go GameDVR to record that, but for some reason, it was never saved. So I don’t have the footage. Dammit!

All in all I quite liked Battlefield Hardline. I enjoyed the beta experience but I don’t think I will buy it at full price. I still have a backlog of games to play and also there’s the imminent release of Dead or Alive 5 Last Round. I will pick it up when it goes on sale though. If the previous year was anything to go by, Xbox Gold will have a good discount for it after a few months of official release. Hopefully, I will have more time to invest in Battlefield Hardline then.