Snow, wolves and multiple bows!

The new Game Informer update comes with a video interview of Brian Horton, the Game Director of Rise of the Tomb Raider.

From all the gorgeous visuals released thus far I was getting worried that it’d be treading on the same territory as The Order 1886. Where they made a conscious decision to go with 30fps to achieve a more cinematic look over the gameplay mechanics. The way Horton talks make me believe they focused on gameplay first and visuals seconds. Such as hunting certain enemies will depend upon the time of day for them to spawn. To me this sounds like revisits will offer a different experience because there will be different enemies which hopefully means you’ll have to change your approach.

So we’ve got snow, wolves and multiple bows… wait what?! Multiple bows?! The bow was probably my favourite weapon in the first Tomb Raider. Even when I had a machine gun I’d opt the bow just because it was fun to use. I wonder how each bow will differ and what are the reasons for using a different one.

Visit Game Informer for the video.