Rise of the Tomb Raider – mood board?

If you’re involved with any creative process, you’ll know that designers like to draw sketches or piece together cut outs of other items/scenes/photos/etc… to document ideas and also to serve as a visual aid to convey ideas. This is what is revealed in today’s Game Informer coverage of Rise of the Tomb Raider.

They’ve only shared movie titles that they used as inspirations for the next Lara Croft game. Although they used movies, it should be noted that they’re not basing the entire game on any one of them. If could be character traits, combat strategy, environmental, clothing, scene etc… something to help the team have a cohesive idea of the game world they’re about to create. Normally, when interviews cover the creative process of a game, they will show sketches (I would love to see some for this game) but Crystal Dynamics have chosen to list 8 movie titles they’ve use. Which 8? Head over to Game Informer!


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