The best advice from Team Ninja tutorial

The latest Team Ninja tutorial video offers the best advice to newbie players. Keep trying.

Yes, it’s been said by hundreds and thousands of times in the videos out there already. But nobody quite brings it home like Team Ninja. We see how many attempts it takes our student fighter in the video to get a new combo down. This combo consists of everything she’s been taught by our “teacher” in the video. She struggles to perform the combo at first and then something clicks, she’s able to get further into the combo and she’s really, really close. The golden nugget isn’t when she pulls it off. It’s what happens after. Our student is now able to get a sense of timing to pull off a power launcher right after the critical burst and not only that, she’s able to see there’s an opportunity for a follow up combo! Once something clicks, you’ll see new opportunities and new challenges arises. Possibly one of my favourite tutorial series I’ve followed.


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