So gutted I can’t use my arcade stick

So on Friday evening, I found out my cousins weren’t coming over, instead, they’re meeting me on Saturday instead. I was so happy! I can now spend the evening playing Dead or Alive 5 Last Round!

I love Dead or Alive fighting series (not the beach volleyball stuff though). So much that the first thing I did when I woke up was reach for my phone, go to Xbox One Smartglass and buy Dead or Alive 5 Last Round. Then I went back to sleep as I’ve got a 15 minute snooze set on my alarm (yes I was still in bed).

The original plan for Friday night though was that my cousins were going to stay over and out of manners, I’d have to be attentive instead of getting lost in the new Dead or Alive. But I knew I’d done my part, I’ve bought Dead or Alive 5 to support the developers despite all the hiccups going on. Foolish? Maybe, but I want to see the series do well in the future and nothing speaks support than buying the game. Throughout the day, I felt a little bummed. There it is, my game sitting on my Xbox One and I won’t be able to play it at all. What torture. So imagine my delight when I get a call from them saying they won’t be spending the evening with me… awww… oh well… how unfortunate… another time then. YES! I’ve regained time to play Dead or Alive!

I got home, ate some dinner and then it was Xbox time baby! But it turns out that auto update didn’t happen because someone kicked the power cord loose (laptop + Xbox One share the same monitor so when someone uses laptop, they might kick some cables). So I had to download everything. It didn’t take long with my internet connection, I estimate it took about 20-25 minutes to download and install everything. Although I could’ve started playing when the install hit 33% I waited until it was 100%. I was disappointed that my arcade stick didn’t work with Dead or Alive, it is a known issue but I wanted to try it incase it was a manufacturer thing. I progressed with my trusty Xbox One pad. I’m so glad everything loads so much faster than Ultimate. I did run into a few problems though.


I managed to complete command training for a several characters. Although I’m still missing some DLC costumes from my previous game it doesn’t hinder the game greatly. The thing I’m most unhappy with is that I can’t use my arcade stick. I’m so not used to the pad that I keep pressing the wrong button and the muscle memory is having trouble settling in. I can’t complete the combo challenges because of the final challenge is usually a tag combo. It’s going to take a lot of dedication to get it down but I know I’ll be able to do it on the stick. I haven’t tested out online yet as that’s supposed to be quite buggy too. It’s annoying and I hope that these issues will be fixed as soon as possible.


The good side is I think I’ve found a few characters I’d like to train in. Mainly Nyotengu and Phase 4. I like the aerial combos of Nyotengu and the teleportation effects of Phase 4.

If you’re having trouble with Dead or Alive 5 Last Round, then you can email Team Ninja for support. Visit their FAQ page and at the bottom is a button to an email form. I’ve filled one out and is patiently awaiting for a reply.