Game Informer’s final coverage of Rise of the Tomb Raider

Game Informer’s month long exclusive coverage of Rise of the Tomb Raider has come to an end. Their final coverage is in the form of a special podcast where they’ve asked their readers to ask them questions and they’ll volley them towards Crystal Dynamics.

I created an account just to ask them a question and I will go to Game Informer more often as I like their style. My question was:

The experience of the first game was wonderful!

I liked the encounters when discovering a new area, but upon returning, they were always empty. Whilst I don’t think it’ll be fun if the same enemies appeared again when returning to the map, I do feel it’d be better if there was some small pockets of enemies to deal with. What approach will Rise of the Tomb Raider take?

– 19:00 minutes into the podcast

His answer was quite long and it wasn’t a yes or no answer. From his reply though, I think some enemies who will “respawn”, but there are “other incentives” to revisit an area “once, twice, multiple times”. Woohoo! I think there’s going to be decent replay-ability with Rise of the Tomb Raider.

I liked this podcast, there were some really interesting questions and I learnt a little bit more about the upcoming game thanks to questions from others. The music at the beginning and end sounded like a “more mature” version of the score used in the reboot Tomb Raider game. Liking it.

I’m also happy that the novel I read is referenced in the new game in some way. In the book, Lara is searching for a supernatural artefact to heal Sam. There were three main parties looking for it and one of them was Trinity. There’s also a guy in there who fancies Lara and in the end, thinks she’s dead. Would be interesting if this will tie in with the game and if people who haven’t read it will understand this. Also, I don’t remember Lydia actually dying. She was punched in the stomach and passed out when fighting Trinity if I remember correctly. I remembered this as one of the questions from the podcast was whether there will be any female enemies as opposed to 2013 game’s all male baddies. It’d be pretty cool if Lydia makes an appearance – not necessarily as a foe, but just someone who is trying to find purpose in her life as The thousand immortals are gone. Or at least I think they are…
****** END OF SPOILER*******

It’s a good podcast with lots of goodies in there. If you like Tomb Raider, you should definitely check out Game Informer’s special Rise of the Tomb Raider podcast:

Game Informer has done a great job covering Lara’s next adventure. Thanks! (not that you guys will read this.)


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