Team Ninja has fixed 2 important bugs

Yay! Team Ninja has fixed Dead or Alive 5 Last Round for the Xbox One (and 360). Thank God! The online mode is running very smoothly now and is amazing fun. It’s great that the arcade stick is working too!

There were 2 major bugs that stopped me from fully enjoying the game. The online modes and oddly, arcade stick didn’t work. Despite their “fix” on the FAQ, I hadn’t been able to play a single online match (it’s all fine now). Every attempt has frozen the game and booted me to the start screen. However, whilst this was going on, I could still play the offline options with a control pad. It’s not a bad controller, but my mind is so hotwired to an arcade stick now, it feels unnatural.

So whilst Team Ninja have been busy, I’ve taken this opportunity to play the offline training modes; half wishing I could’ve made the most of this experience with an arcade stick.

Nyotengu combo trials:

Nyotengu command training:


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