Recorded offline fights

So Nth Gen Media has kindly uploaded some videos of my embarrassing play at Sakura Fight Festa 2015.

The format was simple, two pools of four with the top two players from each progress further in the tournament. I was quite happy to be able to play at least three games, after all, I hadn’t the chance to play much at all. I did quite well at the round robin stage, I won two out of three matches. Although I felt my fightstick wasn’t working that well through the converter. I swear in one match my character was crouching longer than I intended to even when my stick was in neutral.

Anyway, I found myself somehow in the top four. The following is my match against the top player (who won the tournament) of the other pool. I couldn’t really do anything as the pressure got the better of me and I started to panick.

I lost my match so I had to fight for a chance to get back into the tournament. I had to play the other guy who lost his quarter finals match. It was a lot closer but I don’t really know Bayman that well. So alot of his attacks were surprises to me.

All in all it was a very enjoyable experience. The Dead or Alive crowd was welcoming and hardly anyone knew each other so I guess that helped us bond a little bit better. I got fourth place and my current skill and knowledge wouldn’t really have gotten me any higher to be honest. I did well though, considering I’ve only started playing Nyotengu for a few weeks and didn’t have access to training mode or any means of playing against a person. I’ve been playing DoA since the first one but only really started applying frame data to my play in DoA5U.

Next year, I will do better.

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