After a month – Dead or Alive 5 Last Round 1.02aA

Yep, so I had a problem with Dead or Alive 5 Last Round about a month ago where I couldn’t play online at all. In fact, anything to do with online will result in my Xbox crashing – such as completing Arcade mode (it uploads the score). The worst thing that got me was not able to go into training mode as I had “Throw downs” on before the problem. I couldn’t even switch it off until a few days before Sakura Fight Festa.

Now, Team Ninja has released a patch update which has fixed this problem. I’m having lots of fun playing against human players! It’s so good. I did have to jump over hoops whilst trying to solve (although that was me being active in trying to find the problem). My support contact from Team Ninja did a good job. He/she must’ve been quite busy but they did email me about the patch to make sure that it’s solved my issue.

If this fix is permanent, I’ll be a happy camper! Let’s continue to have some good matches!