And it Burns, Burns, Burns…

I bought Shadow of Mordor whilst it was on offer in Xbox Gold’s sale. For now, the game feels pretty average and the nemesis system is ok. Many reviews hailed this as an amazing feature but I don’t think it’s that great.

I’m only a few hours in (neglected the main mission and done lots of side quests) and it’s already feeling quite repetitive and I don’t really like the main character Talion. I’m using the female skin because she looks way cooler. The nemesis system isn’t that great a feature. An orc (they’re called something else, but they really are just orcs) who tracked me down for revenge claimed how he was going to kill me and it won’t be this easy this time around. I thought “who are you again?” and I proceeded to do one full combo on him and killed him. This took 15-20 seconds? Also, must all captains spout rubbish cliche lines before they cross swords with me? It gets so freaking annoying and they’re just shouting the same kind of garbage anyway. I know the enemy is supposed to be dynamically created so that you get a new experience each play through, but right now, I can’t really tell the orcs apart.

Anyway’s, whilst I was mucking around and I managed to pop the “And it Burns, Burns, Burns” achievement. yay!


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