Avengers 2: Age of Ultron

I watched this on the beautiful big screen the first week it came out and I loved it. To me it was waaay better than the first Avengers movie – yes there are problems with the second movie but the good bits are so good that they’re forgiven.

I’m still hyping over it and is seriously the only movie that made me want to buy another ticket and watch it again. Apparently, there’s a “directors cut” where they explain Thor’s visions better – 30 more minutes of an already awesome movie… GREAT! So I’ll wait for the dvd to come out.


My favourite scene has got to be the Hulkbuster vs The Hulk. That battle was epic and had a few funny scenes too. I’m so glad that I only watched the first trailer and avoided all subsequent trailers. I went back and watched the other trailers and realised that I would’ve seen more of the scene and that would’ve taken some of the experience away. I think their trailers might have hurt them as I’ve seen some people say they didn’t think it was as great as I did. Hah! Don’t blame me for being smart in avoiding spoilers!

Elizabeth Olsen - Scarlet Witch

The best addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Elizabeth Olsen’s portrayal of The Scarlet Witch. I thought she did very well, I liked her character and she’s hot – I still love Scarlett Johansson. I just wish the siblings can be mutants instead of Hydra experiments though. Now I’m excited for the rest of the movies Marvel has lined up for us.