Season 2 penultimate episode

Wait what? I’m still watching season 2? Yeah! The problems with the first season was that the story was slow, didn’t feel like it had a direction, felt like they were scared of including super heroes and worst of all – name dropping every famous name in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. All that is fixed in the second season, we know who the key characters are and their relationships to each other (thanks to the painful first season) we’re diving into the world of Inhumans and we’ve got super abilities galore! I’m so glad the name dropping is very scarce now.

So yeah, I’m still watching Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the penultimate(?) episode of season 2. There will be spoilers so stop reading now if you haven’t seen it yet. Gone? Good… well… I’d prefer them to have stayed… oh well.

I liked the twist at the very end where it turns out Raina wasn’t lying about if Jiaying meets with S.H.I.E.L.D. then there will be a war. But what is Jiaying thinking? She works to keep the Inhumans out of the radar yet now she’s going into war with one of the most powerful spy agencies in the world? I think in terms of power, the Inhumans will have the edge (not that we’ve seen any Cyclops level of destructive power) but their problem is lack of experience. The experience of fighting for you life, the experience that Coulson and co. have. They’ve lived the “it’s them or you” life so it’s pretty much a level playing field. I would like to see more Inhumans and their abilities and more of their hierarchy in play. So far it’s just Jiaying at the top and everyone listens to her. Where’s the King? On the other hand I can’t believe I fell for Ward’s lies again! I actually thought “oh… maybe he is trying to be a good guy and that I’ve mistaken him.” dammit that he fooled me again!

I’m having high expectations for the season finale (double bill?). I hate how we (in England) get everything later than others. Oh and here’s the obligatory:

Chloe Bennett is gorgeous!!!!!!


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