You look stupid when you taunt before you win…

I don’t like taunts in the middle of a match. The thought behind it is childish and disrespectful – it’s something that always get me angry and leaves me with a bad taste. So Generally, I make the extra effort to win and show them how stupid they look.

So last night I was playing Dead or Alive 5 Last Round and was taunted when a series of misfortunate timing ended up with me losing a round. My opponent then taunts me as if to say “you’re nothing”. Sure this was in my head but we’re still in the middle of a match and nothing is guaranteed. He had that much confidence I guess. So after winning the match, I use the more insulting taunt in Nyotengu’s arsenal. It’s the one where she leisurely floats backwards and says “hello~hello, I’m over here~” with her hand gesturing in a condescending way. That showed them!