Rurouni Kenshin Kyoto Infernal

So after watching the first Kenshin movie I had high hopes that live action Manga movies could work. Sure there were some discrepancies between the movie and Manga but that’s expected. It was acceptable. I even said “this is how to make a live action movie”.

But I was so disappointed with the sequel I’m worried about the finale of this trilogy. What was wrong with the sequel? It diverged from the source material so much that I ended up not liking it. The action is still good (except for Soujiro’s fight with Kenshin in Shingetsu village). I feel that they rushed the plot so much that it didn’t really make sense. Like what did Kenshin do with the little boy from Shingetsu village? How did the Oniwabanshu know Aoshi was after Kenshin if he was missing at the end of the Bakumatsu? Why did Aoshi beat up Sano – did he know Sano knew Kenshin? Where’s the Hakujin no Tachi (I was so looking forward to this being recreated)? Also, what’s missing is the epic fight between Saito and Kenshin! This was in the first movie where Kenshin refused to fight Saito. If I knew they were dropping it from the second movie and the closest thing was the scene from the first movie, I would have liked the first movie even less. Also, Soujiro already revealed his Shukuchi to Kenshin? As a huge fan of Rurouni Kenshin, I’m bitterly disappointed with the second movie. I’m going to watch the third and I’m hoping to god they don’t ruin Hiko Seijuro…. Or Soujiro and Kenshin’s rematch… Or Sano vs Anji…. err… hoping for too much? Dammit!